EnergyNest and AC Boilers

As of March 29, 2019 EnergyNest and AC Boilers have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the future collaboration. Our joint efforts are focusing on the implementation of the Thermal Battery technology in steam power plants (e.g. biomass, combined cycle and waste-to-energy) as well as industrial steam grids.

Steam based Thermal Batteries will boost flexibility of steam power plants – an aspect that not only will enable these power plants to balance high shares of renewables on the grid but will also increase profitability. Industrial steam grids will benefit largely from increased energy efficiencies as well as the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy via Thermal Batteries.

EnergyNest ( ) supports customers to unlock value of underutilized energy: Its Thermal Battery stores high temperature heat, giving them a higher flexibility when interacting with and within the power grid. By balancing energy availability with actual demand, EnergyNest solves a big problem for industrial companies and power plants relying on thermal processes. This reduces the cost of energy, lowers dependence on CO2 emitting fuels and creates new revenue generation opportunities.