New italian Ambassador in Egypt goes to South Helwan construction site

On Wednesday 22nd 2017 an institutional visit took place at the AC Boilers South Helwan construction site in Egypt where the largest Thermal Power Plant in the country is being built with 3 AC Boilers Super Critical 650 MW Boilers.

Participating were our CEO Roberto Testore, General Manager Roberto Tellarini, the new Italian Ambassador in Egypt Giampaolo Cantini and the President/CEO of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company EEHC, Gaber Desuky, all of which participated and actively contributed to our presentation with flattering praises for our “world-class technological excellence” of our equipment and the “substantial contribution to the trade between the two Countries”.

AC Boilers delegation comprised of Heads of Sales, Project and Site Management, whereas the Egyptian delegation consisted of the President of the Upper Egypt Electricity Production Company (UEEPC), the CEO of PGESCo and the highest level operations staff of their respective Companies.

AC Boilers has contributed to 9,100 MW of Egypt’s power grid, out of a total of 40,000 MW existing, amounting to about 1.5 Billion USD of value. This effort has been realized by our Company with the concerted effort, amounting to about 1 Million man hours, of our Technical staff, Researches, Specialists and Managers with the result of satisfying the electricity demand of 22 Million people and Companies in Egypt.

New italian Ambassador in Egypt