Ansaldo Caldaie Board of Directors appoints Managing Director

We are pleased to announce that on January 27, 2011 Ansaldo Caldaie Board of Directors appointed Mrs. Barbara Lefebvre Managing Director of Ansaldo Caldaie SpA.

On January 28 she also joined Sofinter Board of Directors.

Ansaldo Caldaie belongs to the Sofinter Group, an integrated group of highly specialized companies operating in the field of steam and power generation using various traditional fuels, biomass and municipal and industrial waste. Ansaldo Caldaie is a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of Utility Boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, and Biomass & Waste to Energy Boilers as well as in Rehabilitations, Fuel conversions and Retrofits of existing Steam Generators.

The Company also carries out an extensive Research and Development activity in its Environmental & Combustion Centre.

Commenting on the appointment, Mr. best places to visit Giampietro Tedeschi, Shareholder and Vice President of Sofinter SpA, said:

“Mrs. Lefebvre has joined the leadership of a company that is ready to face a competitive market with a strong engineering structure in Gallarate (VA), manufacturing facilities in Gioia del Colle (BA) and branches in key areas for Power Generation worldwide. Thanks to her experience in complex international realities and her capacities, Mrs. Lefebre can lead Ansaldo Caldaie both in Italy and in the world to achieve the development targets set by the Shareholders.”

“In selecting a new M.D., we have taken into consideration strong skills and qualities, including leadership capacity, proven industry experience and important organizational skills. Mrs. Lefebvre is the best person to fill this role as she has all the necessary requirements” said Mr. Abhijit Jagdish Rajan, President of Sofinter and Chairman of Gammon India Ltd., Mumbai, a Shareholder of Sofinter.

Barbara Lefebvre previously worked at Doosan, one of the most important international industrial groups operating in the construction of plants for power generation from any source – thermal, nuclear, wind – and in the field of Oil & Gas.

Barbara Lefebvre says: “Ansaldo Caldaie has very ambitious projects for its customers. I have accepted this position to lead the company’s growth strategy and consolidate its leadership position in several key segments of the market thanks to the strength of its products”.